Buzz news PO III & Giveaway

Hii all

PO III will soon open!
I already uploaded the picture but still need to input the information.

Here is the special promotion for my 3rd PO:

"Juliette in Wonderland Giveaway"
First Giveaway
 Get special direct cash worth IDR 20 000 for spending on my 3rd PO**
**Limited only for the first 5 person

 Second Giveaway
Get disc 5% if you spend min. 200.000 on my 3rd PO**
**This second giveaway will be awarded to you all who miss my first giveaway =)

♥ The Rules♥
  • You must be a follower of my blog**
  • Leave me a comment "Enter me please" & leave me your email / fb name to contact
  • My giveaway open from 17th May & will close midnight on 5th June 2010 (the end of 3rd PO)
You can use your gmail or yahoo or twitter account to following my blog

Sneak peek for the fabulous style on my 3rd PO
don't miss your chance to get this lovely shoes

Maxi dress

most wanted item "cat ears jacket"

 tie dye trousers

Wanna see more? Wait up for my 3rd PO launch=)
Thank you for reading my buzz news



Juliette said...

Hii all here is how to enter my Giveaway:

"Enter me please"

You can comment anything about stuff on JH e.g: about the style or price or anything you want us to know here= ....

Your name here=....

Thank you all, for joining my giveaway=)

Sharon Angelia said...

jaket e lucuuuuuu ^^
aku mau yg ta comment di fb yaaa =D
giveaway e gimana cara e ya?

Juliette said...

Thks sharon=) & congratz for winning my first giveaway^,^

Dh bener kok shar caramu, ni sing lain mlh masih bingung. waa berarti ni themes e kurang user friendly :(

mira said...

jaketnya lucu2 nih.. jangan lupa kasih diskon yang banyak yah. hehehe

Profile said...

Congratz sis Mira! you just won my giveaway. Ntar aq lgsg kasi disc buat pembelian km di PO III aq^,^

Adrianus said...

komeng ah biar dapettt voucher:))

PO3 barangnya lucu2 sis...maju terus buat Juliette's Hunt..nice shop...bedaaa sm onlen shop laen^__^ bajunya gak pasaran..sukses yah buat jgn lupa kasi diskon yg banyak biar aku sering2 belanja belanji:))

flora lucy said...

mau ikutan PO ahhh,,
biar dapet giveaway nya,, ^^

Profile said...

^,^ thank u all for joining my Giveaway

archstar said...

barang mu keren2 saiii.. hihi

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