Tick Tock

Hi all,

Finally i'm back writing on my blog^,^ sorry for make you waiting for age xixixixi.

I just finished open my PO - Reborn and now i want to thanks all to my beloved customer who already joined.

While waiting the clothes and stuffs come let's we discuss about the new korean drama “It Started With A Kiss”  played by Kim Hyun-Joong (boys before flower).... awwww i can't wait to watch it!!!!! and i'm sure you'll be excited too right!!! lol

The story is just the same with the taiwan version, but i think ariel lee is cuter than the girl on this movie (lee tae sung)

It started with a kiss, korean version

One more thing sistaa!!! as thanks, i will draw PIG RABBIT doll for one of you to win!!! yeeeey!! i hope you will be happy, since this is like the most wanted item from You're Beautiful korean movie =) xixixi i like this movie a lot!!! i collect the doll, necklace, & hair pin...i also listen the movie soundtrack all the time;p 

I will pronounce the winner on 4th September 2010.


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